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Mrs. Pat Spross

Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Spross, do baby cows have udders?  I was asked this question by bright-eyed Alex on his and my first day of preschool in September, 2000.  I didn’t know the answer, and promised him I would find out before our next scheduled class session.

Thus began my new life as an Assistant Pre-K Teacher at PVCNS.  In my previous life, I was employed as a Confidential Security Associate at Verizon in the Security Department.


Now, my career balanced delicately in the hands of Alex and seventeen additional four year old Pre-K students.  It’s been 21 years, and I have survived.

In my spare time, I quilt, read, play piano, travel, and bake.  The drawings that hang on my fridge are now given to me by your children.  My daughters don’t draw me pictures anymore.  That’s been replaced by coffee runs to Starbucks and book browsing at BN.


Diane is a 7th grade Social Studies Teacher at a local middle school.  Kathy is an Assistant Principal at Chesterbrook Academy.  My husband in an engineering contractor at PECO (but don’t call me if you lose your power).

Simply stated, I love my job. 

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