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Mrs. Suh and Mrs. Caldwell's Monday,Tuesday, Thursday 3's Class Blog




We had so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday this week! Did you know he wrote more than sixty books and more than a dozen of them were written under his pen name, Theo LeSieg? LeSieg is his last name “Geisel” spelled backwards. :)  He also wrote “A Little Bug Went Ka-Choo” with the pen name, “Rosetta Stone”!


On Monday we read "The Cat in the Hat", a Dr. Seuss favorite. The children giggled at all the trouble the Cat in the Hat caused while mother was away and how the fish kept telling him to stop what he was doing. As you know, the story ends by asking “What would you do?” if your mother asked what you did she was away? A handful of children said they would tell the truth, but most said they would NOT tell you! :) Then we created our own hats by using just red paint. We talked about patterns and how their hat is a pattern that only includes 2 colors.


On Tuesday we read "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish", another very silly Dr. Seuss book.  It's all about outlandish types of pets you can have. During our center time we painted our hands to create some fish of our own. It was cold and tickly causing the children to squirm and giggle. :) Aren’t the fish adorable?


We ended the week with Wacky Thursday! It was so fun to see all the children in their wacky outfits...mismatched clothes and shoes, clothes on backwards, crazy hair (even with cupcake wrappers),...they looked great!

The story "Green Eggs and Ham" was a perfect choice for our wacky day. After reading the story we discussed if they would try green eggs and ham. Most of the children could share about a food that they don't like to eat and the majority of them said they would not like green eggs and ham! After reading, the children colored a page showing what color ham they WOULD eat. :)



It's so great to see the children learning to play, share, and work together! They are such a fun happy group of boys and girls with so much personality! :)