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Mrs. Shultz and Mrs. Fazio's 5-day Pre-K Class Blog


Dear Pre-K Bears,


Let’s think back to our Bible verse for letter I: “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13).  Remember all that we’ve learned about patience this month?  Right now, let’s all rely on God’s strength to be really patient while we wait for Pre-K to re-open. 


We will miss you so much while school is closed, but we are happy to think that you will be enjoying some extra time with your families over the next two weeks.  Give them lots of love and lots of chances to see all of the fruits of God’s spirit growing within you. 


Everyday, we see more and more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control developing within all of you.  Always remember that you are wonderfully made by our awesome God!


Keep praying, thanking God for blessings, singing, practicing your letter sounds and signs, kid-writing, and enjoying good books during this two-week closure.  We love you all so very much, and we cannot wait to see you again at Pre-K!


All Our Love,

Mrs. Shultz and Mrs. Fazio

3/13/2020 BLOG:


U is for umbrella, unicorn, uniform, unique, and underground.  To further explore letter U, we also spent lots of time with two separate “u” word families: uck and ug.


Eva Moore’s Lucky Ducklings was our focus book.  The students were quick to notice that both words in the title come from the “uck” word family.  Our class greatly enjoyed this rescue story which is based on events that took place in New York state.  When five baby ducklings fell underground through a storm drain, various community members worked together to save the ducks.  


In language arts, the students wrote their U’s on their umbrellas. They made words from the “uck” and “ug” word families using clothespins.  We created a chart at circle time to chorally read the names of the ducklings in our focus book.  Some students used kid writing to name one of the ducklings on their Lucky Ducklings projects.


In math, we continued our emphasis on number recognition and writing.  Each student completed a duck color-by-number project.  We played with number puzzles during center time.  We counted to five on our fingers while singing “Five Little Ducks.”


In social studies, we continued our community helpers unit by studying firefighters, the heroes from Lucky Ducklings.   At the beginning of the week, we made a K-W-L chart on which we recorded some facts that the students already knew about firefighters.  Under the “W” column, we jotted down the things that our students wondered about firefighters.  After reading a non-fiction book on firefighters, we completed our “L” column by recording the facts that we learned.


In science, the students learned some facts about ducks.  We listened to a non-fiction book that discusses the various parts of a duck’s body, including its beak, webbed feet, and feathers.  We also introduced the students to some ecological concepts by explaining to them how the storm drain was harmful to the ducks in Lucky Ducklings.  The students learned that this New York community later redesigned its storm drains so that future ducks would not fall through them.   We gave the students pretend storm drains made from cardboard boxes, and we challenged them to change the size of the slats to make them safe for our rubber duckies to walk across.


Our Bible verse for letter U was “Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks” (Psalm 75:1).  We read a great book about unicorns entitled Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey. This book reminds us to be thankful for who God made us to be.  We can all thank and praise God because we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”  (Psalm 139:14).


Our focus on ducks tied in nicely with our monthly emphasis on gentleness and patience.  We discussed how the various characters from Lucky Ducklings cared for the ducks.  We also continued our study on patience, discussing how the firefighters and other characters showed patience while the baby ducks were being rescued.  After discussing how baby ducklings learn by following their mothers, we discussed that we learn how to live good lives by following Jesus and his teachings. 


Speaking of patience, we are all going to need a good dosage of it as we wait and see what happens with school in light of the COVID-19  outbreak.  Please know that I will be praying for peace of mind and good health for all of you during these next two weeks.  Please also feel free to continue some letter-of-the-week activities with your child while school is closed.  Remember that reading with your child is always the very best thing you can do to stimulate his/her academic development.  I will miss my Pre-k bears so very much over these next couple of weeks!  Please tell your child that Mrs. Fazio and I love him/her so very much and cannot wait to return to Pre-K!