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Mrs. Patruno and Mrs. G's Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3's class Blog



This week we met a new author, Laura Numeroff! The children loved the animal characters in each of her books and how the story started and ended the same way.   “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” inspired us to paint pretend chocolate chip cookies and we added little chocolate chips that we cut ourselves.  Our cookies looked good enough to eat!  We also read, “ If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” and  colored cupcakes and added sprinkles on top.  Our final book by Laura Numeroff was “If You Give a Pig a Party”.  We hope you visit your local library and read some other books by Laura Numeroff. 


During centers this week the children had opportunities to cut, color and use their imaginations.  They also practiced their counting skills and number sense by placing numbered cookies into the correct cookie jars and adding candles to little wooden birthday cakes.  We worked on making patterns with an Oreo cookie activity and another pattern donut design game. Of course there was lots of free play time too. So much learning happens during these free play times, as they learn to cooperate with others, share ideas, and use their imaginations!