Mrs. Barb Curmaci - Assistant Teacher Pre-K's

Hello everyone.  My name is Barbara Curmaci and I am the assistant teacher in Mrs. Uzdzienski’s MWF Pre-K class.  My husband Joe and I are both natives of Scranton, but have lived in East Norriton since 1989.  Our two grown children are both graduates of our preschool. 

Even though my background is in biochemistry, I found my way to teaching preschool by beginning as a substitute in 1999.  I loved every minute of it and couldn’t get enough.  In 2002 I was offered a spot as an assistant teacher and jumped at it.  I am so lucky to have had a chance to work with almost every teacher on staff.  I learned something about teaching and nurturing your children from every one of these wonderful ladies. 
Mrs. Uzdzienski and I have developed a true team relationship over the years.  My job is to keep everything running as smoothly as possible so that Mrs. U. can teach as efficiently as possible.  My motto is "You've got to have a system." 
For me, “being in touch with my inner child” is not just some trite saying.  I have found that being silly or doing something unexpected really captures the kid’s attention and forms connections, not only with me, but also with whatever concept or idea we are trying to impart. 
In a million years I would never have thought I would end up teaching nursery school.  But I am so lucky to have found Storehouse Grow and Go preschool.  I discovered a passion for something I never knew I had.  And when you really feel that way about what you do, it never feels like work.