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In previous newsletters we have talked about: 

·         PA Early Learning Standards

·         Curriculum

·         Socialization/Interpersonal Social Skills, relationships in school

·         Scientific Inquiry and Discovery

·         Learning Through Play

·         Social Studies Thinking- Connecting to Communities

·         Language & Literacy

·         Religion/Faith

·         Physical Activity/Gross Motor Skills

·         STEM/STEAM


This week I will talk about the Arts- “Thinking and Expression: Communicating through the Arts.”


When people think about preschool they often visualize children playing with their friends, singing songs, playing “pretend” (dramatic play), drawing/painting, cutting paper and pasting things to make crafts to hang on the refrigerator at home. In other words, lots of things that we do in preschool involve “The Arts”- music & movement, visual arts, dance and drama.


We sing about almost everything- the weather, lining up, feelings, friends, books/stories, animals, God, the alphabet; we even sing about cleaning up the toys. There is a song for everything. And the children love to move to music! They dance, hop, skip, go on a “Bear Hunt”, toss beanbags, do the “Freeze Dance”, move their fingers/hands/feet, count & sing (“Six Little Ducks”). We love to sing and move around!


We draw, crayon, paint, finger paint, trace, sculpt with playdough and create lots of things with paper. For young children the visual arts gives them a way to express their thoughts, understandings, feelings and new learnings that they may not be able to communicate in any other way.


Children love to “play pretend” using toys, dress-up clothes, dolls or action figures. They can express themselves or recreate something they experienced or something they read about.


The Arts are such an integral part of the preschool experience that they are infused into almost everything we do.

Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards

Our Curriculum is designed to accomplish the educational goals established by the current (2014) version of the PA Early Learning Standards. We also consider the specific expectations of local school districts for entrance into kindergarten. Our goal is for every child to be well-prepared for kindergarten in every way.
The "Key Learning Areas" included in the PA Standards are:
1.    Approaches to Learning through Play: Constructing, Organizing and Applying Knowledge
2.    Language and Literacy Development: English Language Arts
3.    Mathematical Thinking and Expression: Exploring, Processing and Problem Solving
4.    Scientific Thinking: Exploring, Inquiry and Discovery
5.    Social Studies Thinking: Connecting to Communities
6.    Thinking and Expression: Communicating through the Arts
7.    Health, Wellness and Physical Development: Learning About My Body
8.    Social and Emotional Development: Student Interpersonal Skills
9.    Partnerships for Learning: Families, Learning Environments and Communities
The complete PA Early Learning Standards document is available at the website of the PA Department of Education: